DOLLS (the legacy)

Oh, the life of a D.O.L.L.

look into the lives of distinguished outstanding leading ladies…

“Whatever we believe about ourselves and our ability comes true for us.” – Susan L. Taylor

Statistics all over the place are saying that girls are extremely impressionable to the women of the media.

The Minority Women in Leadership Commission was created in efforts to combat these stereotypes and reverse the ideal that positive female role models, especially black do not exist.

In honor of our 3 year anniversary, we’re celebrating some of the most influential and professionally powerful African-American females.

From the famous actress Queen Latifah to the infamous locally-known Life Coach Latoyia Jones, we admire these 25 women for their hard work and strength, as each has become a leader in her industry.

Take a look at our some of our favorite female role models, then share your own in the comments below. Full interviews will be listed on the website on June 1st.

This is what a Role Model looks like…

The Queen D.O.L.L. 

Queen Latifah host the People’s Choice Awards 2011

Dana Elaine Owens, 42  is THE Queen with credits in everything, singing, rapping, acting, writing, modeling, producing, etc. She grew into success with her rapping career after a demo of hers was heard by Fab Five Freddy of Yo! With a Golden Globe and a Grammy under her belt, plus Emmy and Academy Award nominations, Queen Latifah serves as a wonderful model for those who aim for success in more than one field.

 What puts her in the category of good female role model, is her honesty and heart. Queen Latifah does not forget where she came from, and is still a New Jersey resident. As a plus size celebrity, she portrays a girl who is not afraid of who she is, or what her body looks like.  In 2006, Queen Latifahalong with Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, D-N.Y., and the YWCA-USA teamed up to launch the first annual National Women’s Confidence Day on Capitol Hill.
  • Fans/ Supporters can reach her at:
  • Flavor Unit Entertainment
  • 155 Morgan Street
  • Jersey City, NJ 07302
  • Phone: 201-333-4883

The Alive on Purpose D.O.L.L.

Miss Latoyia Jones
 After personally meeting 28 year old Miss La’Toyia Deniece Jones,I quickly understood why so many people felt connected to her and believed in her mission. This young woman is phenomenal! I fell in love with her charming personality and immense amount of wisdom and accomplishments at such a young age. Instantly I became inspired to live my life on purpose. She holds a Bachelors  in Organizational Psychology and a BA as a Certified Christian Counselor and Certified Christian Counselor. Currently she is now in the process of completing her paperwork for her Registered Corporate Coach status all while in the process of obtaining a Masters in Clinical Psychology.  She is a Corporate Job/Performance Coach at PNC Bank .
She was born with a mission in life to work with individuals and organizations to achieve greater success and fulfillment through the power of purposeful and authentic living. She is our role model and considered a leading lady because she has decided to step out the box and become the totality of who she was destined to become from the very beginning. –“I have pushed through circumstances and situations to reach goals and achieve great levels of success.” She then uses these experiences to mentor, guide, and educate others to reach and pursue their goals.

The Everlasting Beauty D.O.L.L.

(July 25, 1975 – May 10, 2011)
American Plus size Model/Actress Mia Amber Davis R.I.P.

I first met Mia Amber Davis,  in September of 2010, when we modeled together in the “International Fuller Woman Expo” in Detroit. She had to be one of the most beautiful and warm spirits I have ever encountered. When she walked in the room, she had a glow about her that every other model only wish they could have. She had star quality written all over her face. I literally remember getting up from make up and saying ‘Whoa, you are SO beautiful!’ and her replying ‘No girl, I wish I had chocolate skin like yours! Jeannie, isn’t her skin pretty? We have to get you to New York, soon!”  Mia Amber Davis appeared in a feature role in the cinema-released 2000 comedy movie “Road Trip” as “Rhonda”. Since her film appearance, Davis had been working as a model in New York and appearing on TV to speak on the issues of being plus-sized, and on self-esteem. Amber appeared on the Tyra Banks talk show dealing with the media’s response to photographs of Banks in a swimsuit. Mia Amber Davis died at 36 years of age on May 10, 2011.

The Prophetess D.O.L.L.

Prophetess, Published Author, Professional Tera Carissa Hodges


“She considers a field and buys it; from her profits she plants a vineyard.” Proverbs 31:16

“A Virtuous Woman is a Business Woman”, is a slogan Prophetess shares with women as she travels and encourages them to tap into the business side of who God has created them to be.  The first time I had the chance to interview the Prophetess, I made bad business by being late at almost an whole hour from being stuck in a business meeting! Her compassion and understanding was very welcoming despite her very busy schedule.  This was a learning experience and Prophetess Tera- The founder of Life Now Marketing in Atlanta, must have knew because she didn’t deny me at her throne. She just simply agreed to reschedule another interview.  She is a professional with 5 plus years experience in providing sales, marketing, public relations, and communication services for corporations, small businesses, ministries, not for profit organizations, medical practices and more.

The Awesome Attorney D.O.L.L.

Miss Jacquelyn McClinton
Miss Jacquelyn McClinton is surely a phenomenal woman. She is a mom, a friend, an attorney and a business woman. She graduated from the University of Phoenix with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration. She also became a MADR student in August of 2004 during her last semester of law school. One of the reasons she have chose to pursue a career in alternative dispute resolution is because it provides empowerment to the parties. Shegraduated from Wayne State Law School in December 2004 and was admitted to practice in the State of Michigan in May 2005. One of her most favorite classes was an elective dealing with school violence that was very enlightening. She believes peer mediation is extremely important to the youth of today and gives them invaluable problem solving skills to carry with them throughout the rest of their lives. Want to contact her? 

The Pretty Political D.O.L.L.

The Honorable State Rep Shanelle Jackson- MI
 The Honorable Shanelle Jackson, 32 has always been a role model of mines personally since I first met her at the NAACP Freedom Fund Dinner.  She was young, beautiful, and a well known leader in the community. Her presence was unforgettable. Meeting her inspired me to push for more young leaders to become involved. Shortly after, I created my own nonprofit for young minority women in leadership and invited her as a guest speaker. Shanelle jumped in to the political arena, first serving as Deputy Chief of Staff for former State Representative Virgil Smith of Detroit right after she graduated from College. This experience helped her to see just how much of an impact strong public service can have on changing lives and cities for the better, which strengthened her desire to serve Detroit. In 2006, Jackson won a seat in the Michigan House of Representatives serving Northwest Detroit (House District 9). In doing so, she became the youngest African American woman (26) ever elected to either chamber of the State Legislature.
Fans and Supporters can contact her at:

The Real Role Model D.O.L.L.

Legal Student, Worker, Mother, Friend, Future Author & Role Model – Michelle R. Chase

Miss Michelle R. Chase, 47 is the kind of woman that we would all know,love, care for, and honor dearly. She is the backbone of her family and has a testimony she wants share one day. Striving for success in hopes to become an Attorney and Published Author after obtaining a Juris Doctorate  Degree and ultimately a Master’s in family law she wants to complete her mission in life and become a role model for young men and women around the country; But particularly young African American young men and women. Little does she know, her success is already written because she faithfully lives by Phillipians 4:3! She worked at Chrysler LLC on the assembly line for 14 years until she decided to step out on faith and allow God to guide her footsteps as she began to pursue her dreams.  Since leaving Chrysler in May of 2009, she has earned 2 Associates Degrees; one in general studies, the other as a Legal Assistant. She’s currently a full time student at Madonna University pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Paralegal Studies in which she will be graduating December 2012. Want to send her an email of encouragement? Contact her here at:

The Powerful Public Service D.O.L.L. 

Simone Lightfoot
Simone Lightfoot, Community Organizer & Public Servant
 Simone Lightfoot is a nationally recognized community organizer, public policy politico, and Detroit native. A decorated U.S. Air Force veteran, Simone served as a deputy chief of staff in the Michigan House of Representatives. She became a radio political policy analyst before joining the American Red Cross as a regional representative.Simone was also named to the national staff of the NAACP as the Michigan state director before eventually assuming regional voting rights and mass mobilization responsibilities.  I had the pleasure to meet Simone during my work with NAACP back in 2009, she walked up to me and gave me a firm handshake while looking into my eyes. I knew from the point on, she was a powerful woman and I wanted to be just like her.  I had never in my life met such a powerful force. From that day forward, she would always be the one to offer me wisdom and advice. She was the campaign manager for the first directly elected African American mayor of Cincinnati before going on to serve in the administration. Lightfoot was also named director of public policy and elections coordinator with Wayne County, Michigan before returning to the NAACP to assume responsibility for environmental and energy policy and alliances. Currently, Lightfoot serves as a trustee on the Ann Arbor Board of Education.In her work with the National Wildlife Federation on Regional Urban Initiatives, Lightfoot is working with leaders in key urban centers throughout the Great Lakes Region to help strengthen the work being done on energy and sustainability; green job development; air and water quality; brown and hazardous waste clean-up; and environmental justice issue. I am honored to work with such a phenomenal woman. I hope to learn as much as I can under her wings.

Fans/ Supporters can contact her at:

The Outstanding Officer D.O.L.L

Miss Angela James

Angela James,  51 is a phenomenal woman with a presence out of this world.

Upon hearing her story as a inspirational and dedicated mentor I instantly became drawn to her spirit. As I sat at the Rhonda Walker Foundation breakfast, and I heard stories of High School Students in tears thanking her and others for leading the way and instilling confidence into them. I knew in my heart, for sure she was a role model the world needed to know about.  She is a Graduate of Madonna University with her BA and  her Masters in at University of Detroit-Mercy. She retired as Lieutenant from the Detroit Police Department after 25 years. The definition of hard work and dedication is no stranger to Miss Angela. Her strength and courage did not lie in her badge but in her heart as a woman who stood her grounds and fought for what was right. She’s not the kind of woman who will tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear.  She can teach you a lesson in 4 minutes. I know this first hand, because her wisdom overwhelmed me at Hello. She is a Distinguished Outstanding Leading Lady  mostly because her mission in life is to aspire to be best mother,daughter, friend, and person possible.  Her biggest accomplishment was being able to do all of the above and still have time to love herself at once. She did not choose the traditional path of high school, college, marriage, children, and career.  Instead she pursued high school, child, work, career,college and then marriage while still remaining on top. Through it all, she was able to remain focused and achieve her goals. This is the definition of a DOLL, our role model.Fans/ Supporters can contact her at:




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