Membership Information

Feel free to print and return to meeting:

Dear Prospective member,


You’ve been invited to join The Minority Women in Leadership Commission as a general member. The Minority Women in Leadership Commission focus is to fulfill the needs of our community through programs, philanthropy, advocacy, and community service for women to increase their professional development as leaders.  The annual dues are 100.00$, but you can be sponsored through our nomination process. We also have a monthly subscription for members.


Membership Benefits:

* Participate in networking opportunities with other professionals in the downtown area.

  • Meet other women in various professions and from different backgrounds.
  • Build lifetime network and connections.
  • Participate in community service events.
  • Access to free workshops, webinars and resources offered to our members only.

Personal Growth

* Increase awareness of women’s issues to make a change and participate in community service events.

* Advance the influence of women in the social, economic, and political community.

* Reenergize and revitalize your role as a woman in leadership, thereby leading to a more productive balance in work, school, and life.

* Celebrate your success and the success of your peers.

Membership Application

Applicant Information

Date of birth: Sex/ Gender: Phone:
Current address:
City: State: ZIP Code:

References/ Sponsors (optional)

Name Address Phone


I authorize the verification of the information provided on this form to receive membership. I have paid my membership fees/ due for the year of
Signature of applicant: Date:


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