Words from Women of Wisdom

The legacy letters: 

The “Legacies of Leading Women” letters are an accumulation of letters from professionals that uplift and inspire young women to keep going in the mist of their goals. Last year we collected approximately 20 letters at our tea party and handed each letter out to a young lady in our Organization according to their common interest. Young women cried and cheered for joy because they finally felt like someone had been there too.

the Legacies of Leading Women

This was an exercise I  created to make sure the many Leading women reflect on their growth process, while allowing their experiences to become a blessing to someone else. If you would like to write a “Legacy Letter” and possibly share your wisdom, please email me at:


Remember, everything in this world dies except a legacy. Technology fails, but a letter will always remain… Be a blessing to someone today! Leave an imprint on a young lady heart with a few words…

Here are the submissions we’ve received thus far:

Michelle Chase – Leaving her Legacy

Beyonce to Michelle Obama on Tumblr.com

Poem from Judge Jacquelyn McClinton

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